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by Jim Pendleton - Mr Mortgage TM

Business & Innovation Break Info Tech Has Really Made It Much More Intricate.

All the people that are associated with business as well as the technology are really in problem that which concept is correct. However I have various concepts. I live that sometimes the technology drives the business and often the business drives the technology. Actually it is ideal to claim that the business and technology are interdependent. I wish to verify the same with the help of this write-up.

Simply assume that when it was decided that each company should have a board of directors. I need to say that this is really an older method. Also the ancient Romans too had this in their administration. I really live that this indicate that the technology came after that as well as therefore business need lead to the evolution of the modern technology. For example the telegraph became famous as a result of the Reuters. In action it was the largest news agency in the world which first made use of the telegraph for their work. There are many more instances.

The commercial change which brought about the fantastic change in the field of business was ignited due to the development of the heavy steam engine. This actually made the world of business grow fore fold throughout the globe. This gives us the indication that the modern technology played a vital part for business to become global. In fact the modern technology is responsible for the globalization of the business

But this does not suggest that the innovation drives business. Yes, you can say that the technology enhances the rate at which the business activities are executed. However claiming that the business is driven by the technology is still not correct.

Let me describe you another side of this topic. You recognize why the telegraph was found.

Yes this took place because the world of business needed this. The Reuters were the initial to use the telegraph and they come to be the very best worldwide.

Hence can we say that the technology works as the reducing edge so that one company leads over the various other? Yes this is actually the truth and this time we are absolutely right. This is actually the main thing about the partnership in between the modern technology and the business.

One can only claim that with the help of technology you could win the race which is on amongst the competition businessmen. Let's think about the issue of the initial paragraph and I am quiet certain to state that occasionally the business is driven by the technology and in some cases the modern technology comes into vicinity as a result of business demands.

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